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Metallic microlattices are a fascinating new class of materials that combine the mechanical properties of metals with smart geometric orientations. They are composed of a network of interconnecting hollow metal struts that deliver greater stiffness, strength-to-weight ratio and energy absorption than all other types of materials.  These ultralight structural materials are characterized by their low densities less than 10 milligrams per cubic centimeter.   Potential applications for metallic microslattices include; thermal insulators, shock absorbers, battery electrodes and catalyst supports.  This technology has many possible uses within the automotive and aerospace industries. Additionally, the microlattices' ability to return to their original...

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Printed electronics is an emerging market worth tens of billions worldwide. This rapidly growing global industry is expected to be worth US$70 billion by 2024 (IDTechEx).  Governments such as Europe, and the U.S. have been investing heavily in this market given its enormous potential. Canada is trying to do its part too with the emergence of the The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association, an association created to assist the Canadian industry in achieving sustained growth and competitiveness in the global printed electronics market. Formi 3DP an active member in the CPEIA recently took part in CPES2017 a conference and trade...

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Adaptive material for increasing complex 3D printing 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has come a long way from its humble beginnings of producing simple plastic parts. Today 3D printing is used to produce increasingly complex functional components, including mechanisms, and electronics. It is now evolving from a prototyping technology into a full production technique. As the demands on 3D printers become more complicated, it is important that 3D printing materials become more adaptive and functional. The challenge is to develop materials that can be the basis for printing many different types of complex products. Inspired by nature People have been...

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